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Birthdate:Jan 1

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7, aaron sorkin, acoustic guitar music, alan rickman, anakin skywalker, anime, anjelina joley, attack of the clones, banners, bono, brad pit, buffy/spike, carson beckett, charles churchill, charles/julien, chuck, colin firth, comic book icons, comic books, cooking, crocheting, damon salvatore, damon/elena/stefan, dave matthews, dave matthews band, david soul, david tennant, dean/castiel, destiel, diana gabaldon, dolphines, dr. who, drug on, dublin, dylan o'brien, elementary, enkidu, ewan mcgregor, fanfic, fanfiction, farscape, fate, feminism, fiddles, fiona apple, firefly, friends only banners, gay movies, gilgamesh, goldeneye, good omens, graphics, grissom/sara, hard, harry poter, hq, hugh grant, hutch, icons, in plain sight, ireland, irish, iron maiden, james roday, jeff winger, jimmy page, john sheppard, jorking, julien sorel, just monroe, kamen rider, kaney, katekyou hitman reborn!, kiera/kellog, knitted toys, knitting, korn, kuroko no basuke, layouts, led zeppelin, liam neeson, lord of the rings, losthighway, mark knopfler, mary mccormack, mary shannon, matter of britain, matthew rhys, maybe made on blingee, mcshep, men-who-play-guitar, merlin/arthur, metal, misha collins, movies, music, noah wyle, obi-wan kenobi, olympos, outlander, pandora hearts, parking, paul michael glaser, pbs, person of interest, phillip jennings, photoshop, pierce brosnan, pilates, play bys, qui-gon jinn, rainbows, reborn, revenge of the sith, rock fm, rodney mckay, roleplay, roleplay icons, russell t davies, sasha roiz, scotland, scott bakula, scottish, slash, splint, star trek, star wars, stargate atlantis, starksy & hutch, starsky, starsky and hutch, swimming, the establishment, the homosexual agenda, the killers, the moon is a harsh mistress, the ninth doctor, the phantom menace, thomas stearns eliot, tokusatsu, torchwood, tumblr, tyrion lannister, u2, vampires, vulcans, walking, water towers, white collar, yoga
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